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The ABC & Nixalite Story

ABC Advanced Bird Control is proud to be a division of Nixalite of America Inc, the recognized world leader in humane architectural bird and animal control products.

Since 1950, Nixalite has specialized in the design and manufacture of the world’s finest pest bird and nuisance animal barriers. Over the years, Nixalite has added numerous non-toxic repellents, spot controls, visual deterrents and traps for pest birds, animals, rodents, reptiles and insects. To maintain the highest level of service for all these new products, Nixalite created the ABC Advanced Bird Control division.

Founded in 1999, ABC Advanced Bird Control specializes in the design and recommended use of these additional products and systems. Whether employing a single bird control product or an integrated bird and wildlife management system, ABC has the real world service and support you need.

As a Nixalite division, ABC offers the entire Nixalite line of products plus some that are ABC exclusives. To increase the efficiency and security of online orders, this website uses Nixalite’s established ordering architecture to process your orders safely and quickly.

If you have any questions or need more information about ABC Advanced Bird Control, please contact us at

Thank you;

George Winthurst
Director/ABC Advanced Bird Control.


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