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Bird Netting

ABC offers 3 different types of bird netting, 2 types of welded wire mesh and a complete line of netting hardware. Each type of bird net offers different strengths, capabilities and features.

knet K-Net HT Bird Netting
High strength, seamless construction and versatility make K-Net HT the perfect choice for all types of bird exclusion jobs. This ¾” square knotted bird netting is available in black and stone (tan). K-Net is the strongest bird netting available. K-Net HT bird netting is constructed from virgin high density polyethylene HDPE.
pollynet PollyNet Bird Netting
PollyNet is an extruded, knotless, UV stabilized, black polypropylene bird netting. It is effective, durable, easy-to-install and economical. Available in 2 grades; Premium and Lightweight.
nethardware Bird Net Hardware & Accessories
A wide variety of bird netting hardware, installation accessories and netting installation tools to make your bird netting installation go smoothly.
weldedmesh Welded Wire Mesh Barriers
Available in stainless steel and galvanized, Welded Wire Mesh keeps out pest animals and birds. It can be cut to fit, molded into shapes and installed over, under or around all types of objects, gaps, openings.
yardtek Bare Hand Vineyard & Crop Bird Netting
Safe, humane & economical bird exclusion for Vineyards, Berry Farms and other similar row crop farming. Bird exclusion netting is the most effective method of protection from birds for row crop farming.


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