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Bird Control Products

Advanced Bird Control has a wide variety of humane and effective bird control products including barriers, repellents, deterrents, access control products, live traps and many more.

nixalite100 Premium Nixalite Bird Barrier Spikes
All stainless steel bird spike barriers that repel all pest birds, in all infestation levels, on all types of installation surfaces. Effective for all birds including; pigeons, seagulls, sparrows, starlings, swallows, etc. Used for effective Climbing Animal Barriers.
espike Bird Spikes
With 11 bird spike models to choose from, ABC Nixalite offers the widest selection available, including the Premium Nixalite, E-Spike and Pigeon Spike lines.
knet Bird Netting
A complete line of bird netting and netting hardware to efficiently and economically exclude pest birds from all types of objects, openings and structures.
fliteline FliteLine Post & Wire Bird Deterrent
An inconspicuous spring tensioned post and wire bird deterrent installed on all types of surfaces to deter pigeons and seagulls from landing or roosting.
ShockTape Live Capture Bird Traps
Nixalite's live capture bird traps are designed, constructed and used by bird and animal trapping professionals. NEW MODELS AVAILABLE.
copperblocker Copper Blocker
A copper mesh packed into openings to keep out small birds, bats, rodents and insects. Easy to cut and install. Use for snail & slug control around gardens!
migrate Migrate Goose Repellent
Makes grass and turf repulsive to geese. Mixed with water, Migrate is easy to apply, biodegradable, non-toxic and is safe for humans and pets.
fogforce Fog Force Fogging Repellent for Birds
An easy-to-apply, safe and humane bird dispersal agent designed to be applied with thermal fogging machines.
fogger Fogging Equipment
Complete line of pulse-jet thermal foggers or ULV misting machines. Designed for the precise application of liquid solutions over open areas. Many applications.
tanglefoot Tanglefoot Paste Bird Repellent
A non-drying, non-toxic clear sticky compound used to discourage pigeons, starlings and sparrows from landing on all types of surfaces.
ribbon Tanglefoot Tangle Guard Repeller Ribbon
A holographic ribbon that provides economical and humane spot control for nuisance birds. Produces an optical, audible discomfort zone. Also used in Deer Fencing applications for visual flagging.
ropel Ropel Animal, Rodent & Bird Repellent
A taste repellent that can reduce the damage caused by chewing or pecking animals, rodents and birds. No unpleasant odor, effective for a wide variety of animals.
scareballoon Bird Scare Predator Eye
Easy to install, visual bird deterrent that creates a predatory presence with staring “eyes”, movement and bright colors. Economical and versatile method for spot control of nuisance birds.
windowwalert Window Alert UV Decals
Stop birds from crashing into your windows. Applied to the exterior of glass windows, these decals reflect ultraviolet light which birds can see, acting as a neon stoplight for birds.
scarecrow Scarecrow Motion Activated Pest Deterrent
Easy way to keep unwanted animals out of your garden, off your lawn and away from your property. The Scarecrow works for cats, dogs, deer, raccoons, squirrels, and medium to large birds.


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