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Animal Control

Find Animal control products here. ABC has a wide variety of effective animal and wildlife control products including barriers, repellents, deterrents, live traps and more.

nixalite Nixalite Climbing Animal Barriers
Installed in multiple rows, the Premium Nixalite strips will prevent even the most determined climbing animals from getting past the installed strip barrier.
copperblocker Copper Blocker
A copper mesh packed into openings to keep out small birds, bats, rodents and insects. Easy to cut and install. Use for snail & slug control around gardens!
weldedmesh Welded Wire Mesh Barriers
Available in stainless steel and galvanized, Welded Wire Mesh keeps out pest animals and birds. It can be cut to fit, molded into shapes and installed over, under or around all types of objects, gaps and openings.
deerblocker Deer Blocker Deer Fence
A Deer Blocker fence enclosure protects your gardens, landscaping and other property from the ever-increasing problems wild deer can cause.
fencepost Deer Blocker Fence Hardware
A complete line of fencing hardware designed to help you complete your Deer Blocker Deer Fence enclosure. Everything you need to make your Deer Blocker enclosure a success.
deerrabbit Deer & Rabbit Repellent
An all natural product that effectively and humanely repels deer, elk, rabbits and squirrels that feed on bulbs, flowers, ornamentals, edible fruits and vegetables, seedlings and trees.
moleout100 Mole Out Granular Mole Repellent
All-natural and biodegradable repellent used to repel moles from lawns, gardens, golf courses, nurseries, parks, athletic fields, in flowerbeds, around playgrounds and other recreational turf areas.
wholecontrol Whole Control Liquid Mole Repellent
Repels moles and inhibits the formation of burrows, tunnels and holes caused by moles. Whole Control contains all-natural and biodegradable ingredients. Spray on applicator bottles.
bataway Bat-A-Way Repellent
An easy to use and humane granular repellent used to get bats, birds and squirrels out of attics, wall voids and other sheltered areas. Effective in keeping rabbits out of ornamental gardens.
ropel100 Ropel Animal, Rodent & Bird Repellent
A taste repellent that can reduce the damage caused by chewing or pecking animals, rodents and birds. No unpleasant odor, effective for a wide variety of animals.
ropeloutdoor100 Ropel Outdoor Dog, Cat & Bird Repellent
An easy to apply, ready to use, granular repellent that stops nuisance animals from defecating, urinating and digging in gardens, lawns, flower pots and landscaping.
snakeaway100 Snake-A-Way Granular Snake Repellent
An EPA approved, University tested and environmentally safe repellent that keeps snakes out from areas where people work or play. For outdoor use ONLY.
snaketrap Snake Guard Snake Traps
An effective, safe and humane method of capturing and removing snakes from where you live, work and play. Single use trap for all small to medium size snake species.
scarecrow100 Scarecrow Motion Activated Deterrent
Easy way to keep unwanted animals out of your garden, off your lawn and away from your property. The Scarecrow works for cats, dogs, deer, raccoons, squirrels and medium to large birds.
twirlasquirrel Twirl-A-Squirrel Electric Bird Feeder Baffle
Battery powered, electronic bird feeder baffle. Universal! Works with all hanging feeders weighing up to 10 pounds.
miniscarecrow Mini Scarecrow Auto Pet Deterrent
Safely and humanely keep your pets (or strays) away from delicate or dangerous areas. The Mini Scarecrow uses a motion sensor to set off a warning tone followed by a sudden burst of compressed air.


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